A Beginners Guide to Cooking with Beer

Cooking with beer can add an unexpected flavor to your food that dinner guests will enjoy. As with most alcohols, beer is typically reduced to bring out the true flavor of the beverage. Beer is often used on food that is grilled. A wildly popular idea is to grab a can of your favorite brew, open it and poke a few holes in the top. Next grab a whole chicken and rub your favorite spices on the skin. Insert the can of beer into the cavity of the chicken, top up. Place the bird on the grill standing up so the can is on the grates of the grill. This steams the bird from the inside out and adds all the yummy flavor of the beer.

Typically you don’t need expensive beer when cooking. Any old can such as Bud or Miller will do.

Another way you can use beer is as a marinade. When you make your marinade for steak or chicken simply add about a cup of beer to the mixture. Don’t get me wrong you can get fancy with your beer such as Magic Hat’s #9 which will add a subtle fruity flavor as this beer is made with apricots. Get creative and add beer to other dishes such as vegetables for pasta. I hear Guinness stout adds a beautiful flavor to dark dense cakes. In fact Guinness is in a league all its own. I’ve heard of everything from BBQ sauce to cake to stew.

I guess in the end you want to add flavor to your dish and not overpower it. Remember beer works best when it has a chance to reduce. Just imagine what warm beer tastes like and you’ll get the idea. So next time you fire up the grill and got a can of beer lying around pop the top and add it to the dish.