Giving up Coke Cutting Back on Soft Drinks Dangers High Fructose Corn Syrup

Soft drinks are delectable. You can get them in all kinds of flavors, and they can be an accent to a meal or a pick-me-up all by themselves. Because cola soft drinks have a good amount of caffeine and high fructose corn syrup (which is far worse for you than sugar itself), soft drinks can also be a substitute for those who don’t enjoy coffee.

However, all is not perfect when it comes to soft drinks. They can easily add hundreds of calories to your day, even if you only have one with every meal. With no nutritional value, there’s little defense for the soft drink except for the fun factor. Because of soda’s fun factor and the habit that drinking them can become, one doesn’t have to go cold turkey altogether.

Take it slow at first. Try giving up just one a day at the time when you would least notice it. Drinking water with lunch will probably be just as much fun. It may even allow you to focus more on the tastes of your food choices.

When it comes to cutting back on soft drink consumption, do taste tests of healthier drinks. Read the ingredients because substituting soft drinks with other beverages that are also full of high fructose corn syrup will do very little to improve your health. You’ll reap almost no benefits of cutting back on soft drinks if you replace it with something equal or worse.

When you long for a fizzy delight, try plain sparkling water. Add just a bit of juice to it. Use your favorite flavor. You’ll be getting the fun of the carbonation and the zing of a sugary taste, except the taste will be the much healthier juice. Because you only use a little to get a lot of flavor, this beverage will have the advantage of being very low in calories. You can also do the same with plain water when you aren’t in the mood for fizzing.

Increase your water consumption. Your body is composed of mostly water, and you probably need to be drinking more water than you already are. Water has no calories, and it helps to flush your system. It’s a much smarter choice than reaching for the soft drink.

Think of the situations in which you normally reach for soft drinks. Ask yourself what you are really craving. If it’s something tasty, maybe you want to reach for a granola bar or something with more nutritional value. If it’s a pick-me-up, try green tea or juice. If it’s simply out of boredom, think of other fun activities that you can do instead. Make sure you think ahead. You need to have a substitute within easy reach. It’s much easier to break a bad habit if you think it through and plan for ways to make it easier on yourself.

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