Helping your Teen Cut Back on Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are extremely popular among teenagers today. Where ever you find a group of teens, you will almost always find an energy drink in their hands. It has become the coffee of the younger generation. So many teens now a days have very rigorous schedules. they are constantly on the go. From school to social clubs, dance, sports teams etc. They push themselves to the max and instead of getting a good nights sleep they opt for energy drinks instead. widely popular and advertised and with so many options to choose from (Monster, Rockstar, Starbucks, Red Bull etc..), energy drink consumption is becoming a cure all for sleepy, overworked teens everywhere. And with their colorful bottles and catchy names what teen could resist. Getting your teen to break this addictive new craze may prove easier said than done.

The first step in getting your teen to curb their appetite for these beverages is to educate them on the detrimental effects of energy drink consumption. Taurine, high amounts of caffeine and sugar are not healthy for anyone let alone a growing teen. If you are unaware of all the effects of energy drinks and their ingredients educate yourself first then confront your teen with the facts. There are various websites that offer this information. If you simply look up key words such as energy drinks and health risks you will be flooded with helpful information. It may be helpful to print out a few of the pages so your teen can see the proof in writing.

Another thing you can do is not have a supply of energy drinks in the house. Fill the fridge with bottled water, juices and other healthy alternatives. Most teens, out of convenience and lack of options will reach for whatever is in the fridge at the time.

Talk to your teen about why they feel the need to drink them in the first place. Is it just the taste? the popularity?or are they simply tired and need to wake up? If their reason is the need to be alert and awake suggest alternatives. Orange juice, vitamin water and pure fruit smoothies are a good and healthy source of energy. Suggest taking a multi-vitamin if they are not already doing so. If it is their schedule that is fatiguing them, perhaps they could cut down on a few activities for now. Many teens eating habits are also not up to par. Breakfast is a key source of energy throughout the day. Many teens tend to skip out on this in the mornings.

Monitor and limit the amout of energy drinks they comsume and make sure they drink plenty of water with the ones they do. in short, educate them, limit their supply and find healthy alternatives to boost their energy levels and you are on your way to reducing or possibly eliminating your teens energy drink consumption.

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