Male Bladder Infection How to Recognise and Treat It

Do you suffer from pressure in the lower pelvis? Do you suffer discomfort during urination? Is your urine cloudy, foul-smelling with mucus threads in your urine and/or blood-stained? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the chances are you are suffering from a male bladder infection. Other symptoms can include discomfort during sexual intercourse, penis pain, fever and vomiting.

Although male bladder infection is most common in men over fifty, it can affect anyone regardless of age. It has a variety of suspected causes from inflammation of the prostate gland, to the lack of circumcision and urinary catheterization.

The actual cause of male bladder infection may be unknown in each particular case but whatever the reason; the result is a colonization of bacteria in the urinary tract which is spread from the prostrate gland.

Of course the best way of treating a full blown male bladder infection is with antibiotics, but it can easily be avoided by simply practicing good personal hygiene. Remember to keep the genital area clean, wiping from front to back. Urinate and shower after sexual intercourse. Also urinate when needed, do not try to hold urine in the bladder for prolonged periods of time.

Also avoid excess fluids that contain caffeine and alcohol instead opting for proven preventatives like cranberry juice or plenty of water. Why not also try herbal remedies with garlic, Garlic, goldenseal, and bearberry are some of the herbal remedies suggested for killing bacteria.