Meet a Gorgeous Woman into Beer try a Lambic

Women are to lambic beers, as models are to diamonds. It’s one thing to be a beer guy, but ya ever look around for beautiful knowledgeable women who are into beer? You rarely find one who knows even the basics about beer who is gorgeous; however, there are plenty who like the strong sensitive types- the down to earth guys who are really all about beer. There needs to be a happy medium where you get the best of both worlds and in the world of beer, its lambics.

Lambic beers started out in the country, fermented and made by farmers. What distinguishes it as a true lambic is the fact is must have 30% wheat in the mash. Now, I’m not going to get into specifics, because really, women are rarely interested in that – that’s guy to guy talk. What you really need to know is fruit does especially well with wheat beers and the unison between them comes in a bottle which almost resembles a bottle of wine. The most common fruit used in them is cherries (Kreik in Flemish) or Raspberries (Framboise in French, Frambozen in Flemish) and they tend to be more hoppy with greater alcohol content.

Years ago when Brooklyn brewery operated their yearly beer fest, you paid one price for a sample glass and could try or drink anything there. It was the best way to be introduced to new styles or specific brands. By sheer observation, the lambic beer line was probably 50% women, as opposed to the other vendors which contained probably only 10% women. Certainly, with so many guys around, the competition is tough, but when you look at the numbers, your best chance to meet a woman is with a lambic in your hand. First, because it has a bright color, it tends to look like champagne, and has a very sweet aroma – need I say more?

If you want a woman to develop a palate for microbrews, I’d suggest Lindemans Framboise to start or any of their line. You can sell them on the fact the beer has plenty of associations with the “romantic country”. I don’t think I need to tell you how to work your magic. Framboise is topped with a cork and even “pops” when you open it. I might suggest you blindfold her and ask her to judge which lambic she likes best, without telling her it’s beer. There are several different types Lindemans makes which include Pomme (apple), Kreik (black cherry), Peche (peach), and Cassis (black currant). It might be a little costly; on average one bottle (the size of a wine bottle) will set you back $10, but its well worth the results.