Relief from Yeast and Urinary Tract Infections

Yeast and urinary tract infections are often as uncomfortable to discuss as they are to experience. Unfortunately, the painful discomfort of these conditions is something women face more often than not. Staying informed on related causes and treatments can reduce both the frequency and duration of yeast, urinary tract and other urogynecological imbalances.

Vaginitis is a general term used to describe any vaginal inflammation or irritation and often describes more specific infections caused by either yeast or bacterial imbalance. Yeast infection occurs when there is an overabundance of the yeast, candida albicans, that typically grows in small amounts in the vagina. The symptoms of a yeast infection are vaginal discharge, vulvar itching and painful urination and intercourse. Urinary tract infections are usually caused by bad bacteria traveling up the urethra and into the bladder or kidney, often resulting in painful burning urination similar to symptoms of blue waffles, a heavy feeling belly and the frequent sensation of having to urinate.

Each woman is unique and has a unique cause for their specific problem. There are, however, irritants that will certainly increase the possibility of these problems in almost anyone.

  • Antibiotics are used to fight harmful infections, but simultaneously kill good bacteria,  disrupting the bacterial balance in the vagina. This allows for too much yeast to grow, thus a yeast infection occurs.
  • Alcohol irritates the bladder and dehydrates your body, affecting the urinary tract’s ability to flush out bad bacteria and other problematic substances.
  • Sexual activity can move bad bacteria or germs into the urethra, resulting in a bladder infection. Sex can also change the pH balance in the urethra, insinuating a yeast infection.
  • Caffeine is a bladder irritant also creating dehydration, limiting the effectiveness of your urinary system.
  • Sugar and excess sweet foods in your diet may trigger yeast infections since yeast infection-causing microorganisms thrive on sugar.
  • Pregnancy increases the likelihood of both UTI’s and yeast infections as hormonal shifts alter the immune systems and affect the balance of the urinary tract. As the uterus grows, it pushes on the bladder affecting drainage efficiency.

Treatments & Prevention

Probiotics introduce good bacteria back into your system, restoring the balance in the vagina and throughout the urinary tract. If you suffer from chronic infections, probiotics are an excellent method of prevention. There are many different kinds of probiotics, but some are specifically for feminine issues. The probiotic, fem dophilus, for instance, contains clinically documented bacterial strains of lactobacillus necessary for maintaining vaginal flora. Consult with your acupuncturist or physician before beginning a probiotic routine to assure you’re consuming the most beneficial product for your needs.

D-Mannos is a supplement comprised of probiotics strains and a natural substances found in cranberries. This combination has fast-acting, cleansing effects on the urinary tract, making D-Mannos a safe and common treatment for urinary tract infections. If you suffer from chronic UTI’s, keeping D-Mannos handy may be a great way for you to nip an infection in the bud before the painful symptoms kick in.

Yin Care is a safe, effective treatment for external and gynecological problems. Yin care is a liquid herbal wash that is mixed with water to relieve yeast infections and other forms of vaginitis. With significant cooling a cleansing effects, this herbal wash can be kept at home and used at the first sign of infections. Usage is different for each specific case and an acupuncturist or physician should be consulted regarding the appropriate procedure for your problem. Typically, Yin Care is applied topically, internally or in a sitz bath and can be purchased at any TCRA clinic.

Chinese Medicine, including both acupuncture and Chinese herbs, relieves painful, uncomfortable symptoms of both yeast and urinary tract infections while also disseminating the infection itself. If your problems are recurring, an acupuncturist can help pinpoint the specific root cause of constant infection. You may be prescribed a routine of regular acupuncture treatments and herbs to combat the current infection and eventually balance your body to reduce risk for the condition to return in the future.

TCRA specializes in the health of your entire reproductive system and is available to help with any of your feminine needs, including the elimination of urinary tract and yeast infections. Our daily goal is to improve the quality of your life and contribute to your well-being!