The Effects of Beer Consumption on your Health

It’s funny, but you don’t hear much about the good effects of beer consumption on human health. Probably, this is because there aren’t any, or if there are, they are overshadowed by the ill effects of the beverage on the health of the average person. And most of us know these, but let’s discuss them a bit…

I suppose that the effects of beer on health can be broken down into two categories: Short-term and Long-term.

I’ll start with the short term effects, although I suppose those who don’t drink will have no idea of what I’m talking about.

I think that any discussion of this kind must start with the drunkenness that comes from drinking any alcoholic beverage. While this effect is not really dangerous in and of itself, it can lead to activities that are hazardous to your health. Take the drunk who hits on the beautiful woman sitting next to the line backer from your college football team, for example. His judgment has been so impaired by the beer he has drunk that he doesn’t even realize that he has set himself up for an ass whippin’. Or, in the even worse scenario, the idiot who thinks he can drive in his impaired condition and either drives off the road and kills himself, or even more dire, runs head on into oncoming traffic and kills himself (maybe) and someone else. I would think the result of such a move would most definitely be hazardous to your health, even should you survive the crash.

It always seems that there is something that comes up while you are drunk that, with the impaired thought processes you possess at the time, seem to be totally cool, but will end in a situation that just isn’t conducive to good health. Boy, what a shame. I’m sure even more beer would be consumed if this wasn’t the case.

Then there are all those other short-term effects that many of us remember the morning after drinking large quantities of beer and almost always promise ourselves that we won’t do that to ourselves again, until the next time we are out with our friends. Don’t lie…you know you’ve done it…

I am talking about, of course, the hangover! And for some reason, beer hangovers seem to be in the top two or three on the “Oh this is a bad one!” meter. The headache, the upset stomach, and all those aches and pains in the midsection from all the puking you did the night before. And let’s not forget the dead thing that crawled into your mouth and died, as well. Let’s face it, the morning after drinking lots of beer is rarely a pleasant one. Neither is the episode in the restroom while you are hugging the porcelain god. But these are all short term effects and soon fade into memory and myth, to be forgotten again and again in the human pursuit of happiness.

Which, of course, lead to the long term effects of the tasty beverage on the human body.

First of these is the beer gut. Beer is empty calories. And most of us do not work, or exercise, enough to work off those calories…mainly because we are too busy lifting weights 12 ounces at a time. Big surprise, right? But the obesity caused by beer consumption is very real, and no laughing matter. It’s easier to put on that weight than it is to take it off.

But there is so much more…Our next topic would be the sickness imparted from prolonged drinking of any alcoholic beverage. The “disease” is called consumption. All sorts of nasty things happen to your body because your liver just decides that it has had enough. I wouldn’t suggest trying to live without your liver. It is most unhealthy. Ask a doctor if you don’t believe me.

And then, just for fun that leads us to the most dangerous side effect of beer, or alcohol in general…that is the addiction that can be caused from drinking. And remember, this is a physical addiction. This means that your body becomes so used to having alcohol inside of it, that it can no longer live without it. Well, that may be an overstatement, but if you ever go through withdrawal symptoms, believe me, you will wish you were dead.

I can’t describe the actual effect that alcohol has that makes this true, but I can promise you, it is much better to avoid this state, if at all possible. You will not enjoy it.

Of course, there are plenty of people who can function as alcoholics. For the most part. They’re not perfect, but then since no one is, I suppose that doesn’t matter. That doesn’t mean you should be in a hurry to try it, though.

While the short term effects of a night of beer drinking are relatively harmless, unless you’re stupid, and are usually gone within 24 to 36 hours, the long term effects are much more serious and take much longer to get rid of. Spare yourself this agony. Drink enough to enough to have fun, but know when it is best to quit…and Drink Responsibly!